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Welcome to the 151st Bristol Fishponds Baptist Scout Group

Your child has recently been accepted into this Group and the following will explain what to expect. As you will quickly find out, the main aim is for us all to have a LOT of fun!
Your child will also have opportunities to learn new things, explore new places and make new friends.
If they choose to stay they will become one of over 30 million young people worldwide who belong to the
Scouts! (For more information, please visit Within the UK there are 440,000 young people (and growing), supported by 130,000 volunteers, all enjoying their Scouting journey. We are always on the lookout for new adults, both uniformed and those behind the scenes, to join our adventure, so if you are interested, please speak to any leader or contact: –

John Turner Group Scout Leader
Meg Davy Beaver Scout leader
Sean Mundy Cub Scout Leader
Claire Delaney Scout Leader

Huge rewards are in store and no experience is necessary!

You will have lots of questions about how Beavers, Cubs or Scouts works and what it will mean for you and your child. Your child’s section leader will be able to answer many of these (and if not, they will find the answer out for you). However we have outlined some common topics below.

Scouting For All

Scouting is an inclusive, values based movement and membership is open to all those who share our fundamental values. By removing any real or perceived barriers to participation, we can ensure that even more young people can enjoy the adventure of Scouting and that Scouting will be as diverse as the communities in which we live. The Scout Association recognises the value of mixed Scouting and all opportunities are open to male and female members.

Leadership Team
All adults involved in providing Scouting to your child in the 151 are volunteers. Adults can volunteer in many roles from an Occasional Helper (no more than once a month) , to a Section Leader. All these roles require a Discretions and Barring Service (DBS) disclosure
Beavers (Age 6-8)
Mondays (Term times) – 5.15pm to 6.15pm in the Youth Hall of Fishponds Baptist Church
Cubs (Age 8-101/2)
Mondays (Term times) – 6.30pm to 8.00pm in the Youth Hall of Fishponds Baptist Church
Scouts (Age 10 1/2 – 14 ½)
Tuesdays(Term times) – 7.30pm to 9.00pm in the Youth Hall of Fishponds Baptist Church
Your child may feel nervous at being left with new people and possibly with few or no friends. You are quite welcome to stay and reassure them for the first meeting or so. We are sure your child will make friends very quickly.
Section Programmes
Your child will enjoy a varied programme of activities whilst at the ‘151’. This will include the regular weekly meetings as well as other activities.
In the Cub and Scout sections (Beavers can also take part in residential experiences), a key component of the programme is camps (or residential experiences). Cubs and Scouts will have a range of opportunities each year to go away with the Group. Parents will be provided with detailed information about what the event will involve and the kit that they’ll need to bring. We try to publish the dates as early as possible so that as many young people as possible will be able to take part. Parents are encouraged to speak to the leaders if they have any query.

Whether your child becomes a Beaver, Cub or Scout, there is no need to buy a uniform immediately they start attending meetings. They will only need this when they are invested, so you have about a month to see if they actually love Scouting. Your child’s section leader will let you know when this will be and how you can attend to see them take their Scout promise. When you do, we only mandate the top half of the uniform (trousers or shorts should be dark blue and suitable for the activity). There are many suppliers of uniform and you are free to purchase from any. Uniforms can be obtained locally from Essential Clothing, Soundwell Road. We do have a small amount of second hand uniform, please contact your section leader if you feel this is appropriate for you.
There are also many faith friendly options for uniform. The Scouting website ( shows many, or have a chat with your child’s section leader. This also extends to the promises that each section makes. Let your section leader know if you have any concerns in this area. When your child is invested, we will provide them with a neckerchief (our Group colours are black with a gold border), a coloured woggle for Beavers and Cubs showing which lodge or six they are in and for Scouts, a leather woggle, an additional badge to show their patrol membership and their county, district, group and membership badges. Details of where each badge goes will be explained, although you can find that out now from the Scouting UK website. Happy sewing!
How Much Will It Cost?
Actually a lot less than you might think! Whilst the majority of our expenses relate to costs we have to send through to Scouting UK and the rent for our accommodation at the Church, we also subsidise events and activities as well as buying equipment for all the sections
The cost of being a Beaver, Cub or Scout is referred to as ‘Subs’ (short for Subscriptions). The default method of paying Subs is by Bank Standing Order. To pay ‘Subs’ by SO would you please do the following:

• Set up an SO with your bank with the recipient account details as follows: LLOYDS BANK PLC; ACCOUNT NAME: 151 FISHPONDS BAPTIST SCOUTS; ACCOUNT NUMBER: 39228263, SORT CODE: 30-67-72

• Please give a reference to the SO in the form:
o For Beavers BSUBS ‘childs name’
o For Cubs CSUBS ‘childs name’
o For Scouts SSUBS ‘childs name’
There should be 13 characters available for the ‘child’s name’ but if this is not enough please make the reference such that the SO is easily identifiable to your child.

Please set the monthly payment date to any day in the first week of the month in which they start
Subs are currently (Sept 2018) monthly:
• Beavers £8.50
• Cubs £9.00
• Scouts £9.50
SO’s are totally under your control. If your child moves up a section then you will be advised when and what the new payment will be by your child’s section leader and you will need to either amend the SO or cancel it and start a new one. If you child leaves the Group then it is your responsibility to cancel the SO. No refunds will be given.

The Group also offer payment of ‘Subs’ by bankers card, cash or cheque (however these are not preferred – see above) on a termly basis (3 payments a year – September, January and April). We are always happy to discuss any other payment plan to suit individuals
Termly ‘subs’ are currently (Sept 2018) as follows:
• Beavers £34
• Cubs £36
• Scouts £38
Non-Payment of ‘Subs”: SOs for payment of ‘subs’ must be in place during the first month of each ‘term’ (September, January and April). ‘Subs’ payments by cash, cheque or card must have been made by the end of the first month of each ‘term’ (September, January and April). If ‘subs’ are not paid by the due dates then there is a risk that you child may not be able to take part in Scouting until they are paid.

Gift Aid
For UK taxpayers, the Group can benefit from an additional 25% to your child’s membership fees (unfortunately not for special activities, camps etc) by recovering the tax paid by you to HMRC. This is a vital source of income to us and allows us to minimise the costs we charge to you.
If you have not completed a Gift Aid authorisation form and are a UK Income Tax payer then please complete the attached Information Form and hand it to your child’s section leader. If you are not a taxpayer then we ask you still to return the Information Form (indicating that you do not pay tax) so that we can keep our records up to date and ensure we claim the correct amounts from HMRC.
We manage Gift Aid through a software tool called Online Scout Manager (OSM). OSM hold information about you and your child (see Data Protection below) and makes it easy for the Group to track payment of ‘subs’ and submit claims to HMRC
We exploit fundraising opportunities to keep our costs as low as possible. These include: –
• Christmas Bazaars
• Supermarket vouchers (e.g. Sainsbury and Tesco). During collection periods, these can be either posted in the respective box by the entrance at Brook Way or handed to a leader.
• Supermarket Bag packing

We do ask that our young people and parents support these activities as it means we can keep membership fees to a minimum.

Supporting Your Child in their Scouting
As well as helping with Fundraising (see above) we do ask that you do your best to enable your child to have a full Scouting experience. This means enabling them to take part in as many activities organised for them as possible. This can be special weekend events, camps and arriving on time for weekly meetings.
Your commitment is to:
• Enable your child to attend weekly meetings as frequently as possible and on time
• Enable your child to attend ‘extra’ meetings e.g. camps, events wherever possible
• Enable your child to take part in appropriate fundraising events
• Support you child with any special requests from Sections
The Group has a Scout Active Support Unit (SAS) whose members make the Scout Promise and wear a special kneckerchef. SAS members have a Discretions and Barring Service (DBS) disclosure which means that they can help out at any activity involving our young people. You may wish to consider joining our SAS, in which case please contact the GSL
Keeping In Touch
We use several methods of keeping in touch with parents. The principal method is by email so you may wish to register more than one email address for us to add to distribution lists. We have a Facebook Group which is a ‘closed group’ (and open only to adults) which means that prospective members require approval to join. Approval will only be given by the Administrator when they are happy that the prospective member has an acceptable reason for wanting to join the Group.
The Group has a website ( which contains some useful links for parents as well as details about the Group.
Governance of the 151
The Group Scout Council (See below) is the electoral body, which supports Scouting in the Scout Group. It is the body to which the Group Executive Committee is accountable.
The Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment. The Executive committee is formally elected once a year at the Annual General Meeting of the Group Scout Council and consists of:
• President
• Chairperson
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Group Scout leader
• Section Leaders (Optional)
• Section Parent Representatives
• Adults nominated by the GSL

The Group Scout Council is the electoral body, which supports Scouting in the Scout Group. It is the body to which the Group Executive Committee is accountable. Membership of the Group Scout Council is open to:
• Leaders;
• Group Scout Active Support members (including the Group Scout Active Support;
• Colony, Pack and Troop Assistants ;
• Skills Instructors;
• Administrators;
• Advisers;
• Patrol Leaders;
• Parents of Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts;
• Any other supporters including former Scouts and their parents who may be admitted by the Group Scout Leader, the Group Executive Committee or the Group Scout Council;
• The District Commissioner and District Chairman are ex-officio members of the Council
Data Protection
The 151 has a Data Privacy Policy in place to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR). This Policy is available to view on our website ( . A summary of this policy follows.
The policy applies to all processing of personal information carried out by 151st Bristol Fishponds Baptist Scout Group. We respect individuals’ rights to privacy and the protection of personal and special category information. The purpose of this privacy notice is to explain how we collect and use personal and special category information for the purposes of scouting. ‘Personal Information’ is information about a living individual who can be identified from that information, either by itself or when combined with other information. Special category information is more sensitive information such as race; ethnic origin; politics; religion or health. More information about data protection; what information is covered; what the categories are and your rights can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website at
The Information That We Process and Why
We collect various categories of personal and special category information at the start of and for the duration of an individual’s involvement with the Group. We use our best endeavours to limit the information collected and the processing of that information to that necessary for us to safely and effectively provide the Scouting experience to young people and adult volunteers.
o Basic personal information – As part of a contract for you to participate in scouting
o activities so that we can contact you and as part of our legal obligations to know who is working with our young members.
o Medical information (special category information) – For the protection of the vital interests of the volunteer in emergency situations and for preventative or occupational medicine (ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of the volunteer whilst they are engaged in scouting activities)
o Ethnicity (Optional) – Collected with explicit consent – used in anonymised form to
o demonstrate the equality, inclusivity and ethnic diversity of The Scouts
o Criminal Records – As part of the joining process information is collected from in order for us to fulfil our safeguarding responsibilities to our young members. This information is collected and processed confidentially by a legally authorised third party, on behalf of The Scouts, and a DBS check is performed. The data collected is determined by the governments Disclosure and Barring service. Full details can be found by searching for DBS. Results of DBS checks are returned to the individual, in the advent of an adverse return, then the results are sent to the Brunel Scout District for further action.